Montag, 15. September 2014

Finally there!

Hi guys!

While I was writing this post, I was sitting at the airport in Duluth and waiting for my hostfamily. The hole journey was a bit complicated but I am very glad to be here now. The first thing was, my flight from Chicago to Duluth was canceled and I needed to look for another one. I finally got one and went to Duluth. But when I was there, my bag was still in Chicago and I had to figure something out with this. And then came the next problem. My hostfamily wasn't at the airport because they got an E-Mail that my flight was canceled and that I will arrive some time in the night.
So I was sitting at the airport and waiting for them to arrive. I am glad the airport in Duluth has
Wi-Fi. That's why I didn't drove crazy during this three hours. And because I had angels over the world. My friends from Germany, another Friend who was in the U.S. during this time and Yin from Hong Kong. She really helped me and she said: Bad luck comes always in three. 1. flight was canceled 2. Bag wasn't there 3. hostfamily wasn't there too. So according to this I should only have luck during my time here! :)
On the next day my bag arrived and I had a great time from then on.

On September 03th it was my first day of school. School is so different here! I only have four subjects a day and they are everyday the same. Until a quarter is finished and then I will have different subjects. I like school here and all the teachers are very nice and the student are awesome!
I hope the rest of he year will be as great as the beginning (after the first day :D).

The reason why I wrote that late is my hostfamily doesn't has Wi-Fi and I only have a very little amount of internet every month. Anywas I hope I will be able to write more often!

I miss you all!

Montag, 25. August 2014

Dear Hostfamily!

Dear Jerry, Jane, Lisa and Carissa,

I wan't you to know that I am very happy to stay at your home for ten month! This will be awesome and I can't wait to finally meet you. I think we all will come along great and this will be the best year of my life.

I am a bit tired and I don't know what else I could write but I just wanted to tell you how thankfull I am and how happy I am to meet you tomorrow at the airport in Duluth!

See you there!

Last day!

Hi everyone!

today is/was my last day in germany. Tomorrow starts my journey to America. I am so excited!!
Maybe I am a bit too excited because I think I can't sleep. But thats no problem because my best friedn Maggie is with me and I have somebody to talk to :)
She will go to the airport in Stuttgart with me and my family tomorrow.

This day was hard for me:
First we had problems with my luggage because it was too heavy and we had to repack everything. The hardest part was my clarinet. First it was in the suitcase but then the suitcase was too heavy so we putted it in the cabin luggage. But then this one was too heavy and everything has started all over again.
The second was saying 'Good Bye' to everyone. I think saying 'Good Bye' is the hardest part of a long journey. See you inone year sounds sooo long... But on the other hand side I am very excited and happy. At the moment my brain cannot decide what feelings I should have. Don't know if I should lough or cry... Both at the time dosn't working.
At the moment the happiness outweighs. :)

Now my luggage is ready and I sayed 'Bye' to everyone so the long journey can begin!
Even if my brain hasn't decided yet :)

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Sooo excited!

Hei guys!

I'm Sarah, a 15 year old girl from Germany who wants to explore the world.
Going to America is one of my goals I want to reach in live and it was a really big wish since I was little. We (me & my family) already were in the US once but I was very small then and I can't remember much. But I was fascinated from this very big country and from all of this large towns and the mass of people, wich are more unusual in Germany, especially in the very little town I live (about 1.000 inhabitants). And when we came back from our journey I made a decision: I will return to America and I will explore this country on my own!

And now my wish comes true!!! I am so happy about it! And so thankfull to all of these people who are making it possible for me to go. The most important ones are my parents. Gigge and Jochen. Thank you for giving me the chance of having the best time of my life. And of course my hostfamily. Thank you for allowing me to stay with you and thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you all very very much!!

On 26th august I will finally leave to Wisconsin, USA! This is so great!! I can't wait to leave! But on the other side it is very hard to leave everything behind me. I have to leave my family, my friends and everything I had in this 15 years. When I come back everything will be different and I have to admit it that I am a little bit afraid of what will be when I come back but this doesn't matter now because I know: This will be the best year of my life!!!!

I hope I will make a lot of great experiences and I will see great things. Hopefully I will make  a lot of new friends and I think I will have a lot of fun and a great time!

I will live in a hostfamily. They are all really nice and I think we will come along great. I will have seven siblings but only two are still living at home, Lisa and Carissa. And there will be another exchange student too. Dalma from Romania. She seems very nice and I think we all will be a funny group of different people wich will come along really great and I am sure we all will have a great time and lots of fun together.

They are living in Hawthorne, a small town near Superior. It's near Lake Superior, the biggest lake with sweet water in the whole world. The winter there seems to be very tough but this won't be a problem for me. I love snow, cold weather and more snow! So I think I am a winter child and I am looking very forward until everthing is white. Plus: I love snowboarding and Lisa already told me maybe we could go together some day *-* this would be very great! And Dalma is snowboarding too so this would be a great day.

I will leave in only six more days and I can't wait anymore. I want to leave right now!! This is so great and I am so happy!!! But sometimes it still feels like everything is just a dream and in the next moment I will wake up and everything is over. In this case I hope I wo
n't wake up until I am coming back to Germany :)

I am counting the days